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My Dream Job

Updated: Jan 3

I'm sure we have all come to a place where we question life. One of the most common questions I hear and quite frankly think of myself is; "So we do all of this to die, then what?"....

We go to college, get in debt, work jobs that we don't want to or don't like just to be able to live? We sacrifice so much that we find ourselves unhappy. But why??? As a believer, I've been taught, I've read and honestly I do believe the suffering that Jesus endured so long ago is our ticket to a life of freedom. But we don't listen or do our part.. (lol myself included).

There is more to life than just getting up everyday and wondering "why, what if...". The question then become; how do I achieve that life?....

There is absolutely NO reason why I (YOU) shouldn't be enjoying what God has created on earth on a consistent basis and traveling at least every 4 months, whether it's local, international, learning or working by doing the assignment I've (you) been called to do (purpose). As I sit here in Jamaica by myself on the beach looking at the beauty of the water, I recognize I've been struggling (I've been known this) and not living as God has called me to.

How do I tap into the pricelessness of having a free and rich life? Im not sure if this makes sense but I know the answer to this question. I'm just still learning on how to be consistent in DOING it. Because let's be truthful... we don't like to do too much work... we want it to be easy and fast in some instances.

Seek FIRST the Kingdom of God (It'll lead you to your Purpose)

  • You should start where you are, don't try to "seek God at the level you THINK you should". If you can read a scripture for 5 minutes everyday for a week start there.


  • We do alot of "saying" but when it comes to believing we are hesitant, you'll be suprised at what you'll experience if you TRULY believe (I have a story/testimony about this.. more in part 2)

Practice Consistency

  • I've learned (I'm sure its relevant to most if not all people) that consistency is very EASY when it pertains to something that we are interested in or want to do. So, if reading the Bible, creating and maintaing a relationship with Christ isn't of HIGH interest its going to be hard to be consistent.

Use your Mind and Mouth Positively

  • Whatever it is that you are believing for and want, speak it with your mouth out loud. As a matter of face Thank God for it daily. BUT, don't expect the next person's story to be your story. Everyone's story is different.

Y'all want a part II???

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