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The Importance of Safe Spaces

I've had writers block for the past two weeks, and just haven't been able to post anything. Sometimes I can write in advance, but I really enjoy writing in the moment, so thats what I'm doing right now. Adulthood has really allowed me to experience and understand the importance of safe spaces and how much we ALL need those spaces.

In church today, I had 2 children and 1 teenager to sit with me today and they all reminded me of the SAFETY we have in the arms of God (Psalms 91):

Today was Amiyah's birthday she turned 4. Amiyah has never sat with me in church, but her big sister (the teenager) has. She immediately started talking to me, asking me questions and believing and trusting that whatever she asked or needed I could provide that to her. At one point in service she really wanted to play her game, I and her sister told her she could but she had to turn the volume down. She continued to turn the volume up, in her words "just a little bit so I can hear". But, her little bit of volume would have been a disruption to the service. She kept trying and eventually started crying. I took her hand and she willing followed me outside.

I got down on her level (she climbed in my lap), and I started to talk, and I quickly realized I had to take a different approach. I told her to look at me, as tears ran down her face, I asked her; do you know "WHY" you can't turn the volume up so high??! After I explained I asked her to repeat it back to me, she did I then told her to wipe her face, and not to cry on her birthday, she was a big girl and today was a special day. I asked if she was ready to go back inside, and she nodded her head yes. We stood up and I reached for her hand, but she motioned for me to pick her up.

As I picked her up and went back inside the church, and sat down, Amiyah sat in my lap, put her head on my chest and stayed there the rest of the service, said she was cold (I put my HUGE coat around her and she eventually went to sleep.

There was no more crying, she wasn't upset and she understood there was safety in that space.

In that moment she reminded me, how God must feel when He wants to keep us safe, when He protects us and He wants us to know that there is a time and place for everything. Amiyah reminded me that in Him is safety, trust and patience is vital. That we can REST because everything will work out just fine. If we are obedient He will give us His best, and remember HIS BEST is better than our wants.

Read & meditate on Psalms Chapter 91 this week.


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