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Empowering Young Girls

I have been very persistent in asking God to show me clarity in certain areas of my life. I've also been very persistent in making sure I put God first, and by doing that I can see a difference in my thoughts, my heart, and my decisions. I am much more sensitive to the things that are not pleasing to God.

I've noticed that in asking God about my specific purpose I am getting answers in small pieces (like a puzzle). Today I realized that I attract my younger self quite frequently. Let me explain:

Some of you all know that my dad was a Pastor, he recently retired last year with 42 years in ministry. Every church my dad has pastored I have attracted young girls ages 3-18. They always seem to gravitate to me. In return I become a mentor, support system, a friend, and a respected figure in their lives. Every single talent/skill that I posses has been beneficial to these young girls/ladies in some way.

I see my younger self in everyone of them in different ways. I was a very shy child. All I wanted and needed during that time of my life was someone to show and teach me that being unique was special. Thanks to my parents I was able explore my creativity, understand how to present myself, able to travel the US, had luxury experiences, learned the importance of humility, service and so much more.

However, I just needed to know that my uniqueness could grow into something more, and something beautiful. Although there were a few young ladies I looked up too, at that time the relationship was defined as respectful more than personable & relatable. Nobody shared stories with me of when they were a young girl or the things they went through in college etc. But I've noticed that I give what wasn't given to me; I share stories, I allow sleep overs, I text, take them out to eat etc. To all the young girls out there it may be awkward and uncomfortable now but if you allow God to use those feelings, and experiences later you will understand your "why". Your uniqueness will grow into something even more beautiful, just keep living, growing and trusting God. Cheers to new experiences, your younger self and your future self!


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