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2024 January Goals

Every DAY is a day to change our lives right?! Why do we wait until the new year to make goals, resolutions or change? 12 months can seem unattainable to some people, and planning out a year worth of goals can certainly be overwhelming. I’m challenging myself and YOU to set a minimum of 1 goal a month and check in with yourself, me or your accountability partner(s) to see how far you’ve come every 30-31 days.

For January I am setting a goal to write in my journal every day. Overall, I am striving to be more consistent in all areas of my life so every single day starting Jan 3, 2024 – Jan 31, 2024, I will write in my journal. I haven’t figured out what I’ll write about, but I will write something. I can’t just be committed I have to be faithful with whatever I’m committed to doing.

Last week I attended a church conference and one of the guest preachers talked about the difference of commitment and being faithful. Many people say they are faithful to something/someone because of their commitment, but that’s not necessarily true.

You can be committed to doing anything, brushing your teeth, going to work on time or saving money but are you being steadfast and faithful in going to the dentist, flossing not drinking beverages full of sugar? Are you being steadfast with using your time wisely at work by doing the work whole heartly? You may be saving the money but are you investing it for the future?

So essentially, I am going to commit to writing in my journal everyday but faithful in writing down things that are going to assist me in my personal development as a young woman, sister, daughter, aunt, friend and future wife and mom. I can’t just write down “today I drove to work and put $25.00 worth of gas in my car.” I can write; “today I read the scripture Psalms 119:11 I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you. Knowing that God’s word lives inside of me and his word is good, anytime I do something I know I’m not supposed to I remember that it’s for my good, so I better not lie about being sick so I don’t have to go into work.”

Let me know what your goal is for the month of January, and we will check back end at the end of the month to see what we’ve all accomplished!


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