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It's Okay to Not Have Everything Figured Out

Over the past few weeks, I have had several conversations with people close to me, and in each of those conversations, there has been a level of confusion, challenges, and sadness. It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that we need to have everything figured out, but that's just not true. Although uncertainty, questions, and even breakdowns can be uncomfortable, there is beauty and growth in those parts of our lives.

When we find ourselves in the middle of uncertainty, we are essentially forced to confront our own fears, weaknesses, and insecurities. This can be a difficult process that may upset you, excite you, or even lead you to give up on yourself or the circumstance that you're in. However, it's important to consider accepting that you won't have all the answers, as we weren't made to handle that responsibility. There are things in life that are way beyond our understanding as humans with our carnality and flesh.

Instead, focus on what you're able to control, such as who you allow in your inner circle, what you watch on TV, what you eat, how you spend your money, and how you treat people, just to name a few. Just because you can't figure out why someone may decide to talk negatively about you doesn't mean you have to speak negatively about them. You can control your tongue.

Find what is meaningful to you in your life. What makes sense to you, fulfills you, and serves/helps other people? After all, we are here for a specific reason(s), and that should be our focus. When we discover and focus on our purpose, everything will begin to fall into place, and start to make sense in ways that you couldn't have thought of prior.

May the Lord bring you clarity in all things.

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