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Your Defenses are Low

Last  Wednesday I was riding home from Revival (the church I went to was about an hour from my house). I actually stopped by to pick up my dad and he and I went together. My dad is currently under attack with Bell Palsy (when one side of the face is paralyzed). And the day before I started to come down with something so I wasn’t at my best and I actually wasn’t going to go but I did. Revival was “alright” “so-so”, remember, I didn’t really want to go in the first place, but I did. After an hour and 15/30mins the service was closing out and the Lord begin to speak to me. The name of the sermon was “Trace the Grace”. 

Driving my dad back home (15 minutes to his house) and then another 40 minutes to my house I began to ask God “why?” And I was referencing my dad, I mean he’d been in ministry and pastoring for 42 years (retired 2022), he’s been pretty active and healthy so why wait until he’s in his mid 70s to all of a sudden be attacked with Bell Palsy (this is the 2nd time). I’m Sure you all can agree that it pains you as a daughter (son, if any guys happen to read this) to watch your parent(s) in pain or uncomfortable. 

No my dad’s not in pain, he’s able to go about his day per usual, one side of his face just doesn’t work. So as I’m driving home, now about 10 mins from my house I had to sit and wait for traffic to be directed because of a lane closure (new pavement is being installed), mind you. I sat there for about 10 mins. The Lord spoke to me, answered my question and gave me a revelation for myself. This was May 1, 2024 and I honestly can’t stop thinking about it. 


He said:

To Me:

“Your defenses are low, when your defenses are low some things are going to stop working properly, slow down or stop all together aka your body. That’s why you’re coming down with a cold right now, you don’t have the nutrients you need and you’re not doing all you can to take care of yourself, you’re actually abusing the body that I’ve given you by not exercising like you should and putting the wrong things in your body.” 

In getting sick your body is actually has a chance to get all of the “bad stuff” out of your system, so that you can start fresh again, just like new pavement, you strip the old asphalt off and there is a process to lay down the “new”. I felt God saying this is my chance to get my defenses back up physically but also spiritually (which is why certain things can attack my body, my dad’s body, your body…).

About My Dad:

“Why not?”


When I left work last Wednesday and drove to my parents house (My mom out of Town), I asked my dad how was his day. He begin to tell me that he went to the doctor “without an appointment” because he couldn’t find an eye drop prescription. There was a new PA in the doctors office and she begin to look at my dad, ask him questions and ultimately took him back (again, he didn’t have an appointment, he wasn’t supposed to be there) wrote him a prescription for his Bell Palsy, and sent him to the hospital to get a brain scan just to be on the safe side.


Now lets go back to the sermon title for Revival that night “Trace the Grace”. This shows you how good God is whether he shows up the way we want him to or not HE ALWAYS DOES!

If my dad FOUND that eye prescription he would have NEVER went to the doctors office (WITHOUT an appointment) to tell them.

…. and he would have NEVER bumped into this new PHYSICIANS ASSISTANT

… who immediately GAVE him something for the condition he was IN (the Doctor never gave him

anything or did anything for him 2 years ago or recently)

….and NEVER would sent him to get his BRAIN SCANNED (all is well)

….and NEVER would have started seeing or feeling a change


The story time/bible study today is a reminder to get your defenses back up. I don’t know what that looks like for you but it could be to write down your prayers everyday, write in your journal, devote 20 minutes to God, read a bible plan, get back in church, have a prayer partner or a host of other things. 

But I do believe that once we devote ourselves fully to God we will begin to TRUST and feel His presence in our lives so strongly that whenever we wake up, go to sleep, to work, make a decision, get in the car we will begin to consider Him in all things. This will enable us to trace the grace.

My prayer is that we will have daily encounters with the Lord and that we will know it is him without question. 

Some Scriptures & A Video: 

2 Corinthians 12 Chapter

Ephesians 4: 7


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