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Ways to Help you Sleep Better

Some say people sleep too much others say they don’t get enough sleep. Which are you? The amount of sleep each person needs is ultimately determined by their lifestyle. According to doctors and science, 7-8 hours of sleep for adults is important. It helps to improve your mood, mental function, maintain a healthy weight and even reduce stress.

Sleep is challenging when your heart is heavy, thoughts are running through your head, extremely excited or nervous about something, sad, someone snoring (lol), worried and a ton of other things. Whether you find it hard to fall asleep or fall BACK alseep after waking up, I’ve discovered a few ways to put my body and mind in a more relaxed state to invite the presence of sleep at the very least “rest”.

Exercise Before Bed

There are mixed studies about exercising at night before bed. However being active in any way usually gives your body a natural high and then helps it to relax by brining that high down. Isn’t that how you feel when you run up the stairs real quick, or stretch your muscles and body when cleaning the shower, or even bending down and standing up when stocking or replenishing something?! I find getting my blood flowing 1-3 hours before bed, relaxing and going to sleep later helps put be in a deeper sleep.

Drinking Tea

Tea puts me in a natural relaxed state and helps me to sleep longer. The only thing is, I have to drink this atleast an hour before bed. If not, I will get up throughout the night to use the bathroom. The whole goal is to NOT interrupt my sleep. Chamomile tea has been by GO-TO. I've also had success with lavender and peppermint tea.


Have you all ever had to read anything, or started to read something and all of a sudden sleep seems to overtake you? Perfect way to get some sleep, it has been known to improve sleep.

Brown Noise

I am a light sleeper, very light (unless I'm very tired) so snoring, loud music, talking, lights, notifications (text messages, phone calls) contribute to me not being able to sleep. Last year I discovered "brown noise" through my echo dot really helped me to get to sleep and for the most part stay asleep. The volume is set at 1, the lowest possible if it is louder than that it becomes a distraction and keeps me awake.

Try some of these ways if you find yourself not able to sleep, let me know if any of these work for you I you have any suggestions!

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