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The Art of Hair FREE Download

Just in case you don't know, I have a FREE hair guide here on the site, you can view a little snippet of it below:

Hey there, and thanks for downloading this FREE guide. My name is Lindse` and I’m a licensed natural hair stylist, and certified Trichologist, I’ve been doing hair for 16 years. Let's be honest, if the intro is too long, people tend to skim through it, I know I do. So, let's jump right in, I have a free guide that'll give you all the basics you need to start your healthy hair journey. It can be confusing and stressful trying to figure out how to take care of your hair, but hopefully, this guide will answer those burning questions you've had that rarely seem to get answered when it comes to hair.

The misconception of hair growth NEVER seems to amaze me. While there is scientific proof of how hair grows and what factors help or hinder that growth, some myths are just outrageous. As the world becomes more advanced and new discoveries are found there will be more ways that will or will "claim" to help hair grow faster or longer. No matter your ethnicity hair is hair and the process of hair growth is the same for everyone. How your hair grows, the rate, the length, type and texture varies from person to person. I have a hard time sugar coating the truth when it comes to hair, ask any of my friends, associates, family or clients. How does your hair grow? Well, there are two main types of hair you see on your body and three phases of hair growth.

You have shorter hair and longer hair. Vellus hair is short, light and very fine usually women have more than 55% more vellus hair than men do. To give you a visual, vellus hair can be found throughout your body. Some of those places include, forehead, eyelids, and your hairline or edges also known as "baby hair". This hair is NOT meant to grow long, its short and fine. Terminal hair is longer or mature hair that is found on your scalp, legs, arms etc. It is coarser and darker than your vellus hair.

Hair growth happens in three stages, the Anagen (growth), Catagen (transition), Telogen (resting).

Anagen: There is a little white bulb at the top of each hair strand which is where nutrients get to your hair. The bulb starts moving up the hair follicle. (the pocket like hole where your hair grows out of) As your hair grows it moves further and further up the follicle. This phase can last up to seven years some cases can go as long as 10 years. This stage determines the length of your hair.

Catagen: After so many years of growing the hair cells eventually stop reproducing and separates from the papilla and that signifies the end of the anagen or growth phase. Between one to two weeks the follicle shrinks and another new hair begins to grow in this transition phase.

Telogen: This phase last between two to four months, where new hair cells form and new hair starts to grow, pushing out the old hair (that is now totally disconnected, and shedding begins). Some hairs are long and some are short on your head (minus the breakage) because these phases of hair growth happens for each hair strand at different times, all hair strands don't experience the growth process at the same time. One may be resting , while another is growing. This is the reason why products don't MAKE your hair growth longer or faster. Now lets get into your type & texture.

Read more by downloading the FREE Guide here !

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