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Last Minute Holiday Gifts

Do you still need to get last minute gifts for the Holiday and you don't want to spend too much money??! I have the perfect idea for you this Holiday Season. This idea isn't new, but it makes sense, affordable, thoughtful and can actually be used!

Sometimes we find it hard to shop for gifts when it is last minute or the person doesn't ask for anything in particular. But I find gifting people with their needs (especially as adults) certainly does help in the long run. If someone gifted me with a gift card to the grocery store or 3 months worth of toliet tissue I would be thankful!

  1. Think about things that people need & want that could be; money, gas cards, laundry detergent or even some cute miscellanous things like; their favorite snack, gum, lotion, etc.

  2. Find a nice packaging for it; a gift bag or a pre-wrapped gift box.

  3. Choose places where you can find several gifts for under a certain price (if you're on a budget).

  4. Place 3-5 items in each gift box, or bag.

  5. Write a thoughtful note inside the card and you're done!

I spent $80.00 on small gifts & boxes and was able to gift about 10 people although I have more to add. Everything came from The Dollar Tree and I made sure to get every item for $1.25.

Happy Gifting!

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