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Healthy Hair in 2024; TOP 4 Practices!

Updated: Jan 7

How many articles, YouTube videos, or post have you read promising you if "you do something specific" you'll get the result of....... ? This blog post probably has information that you've heard before. But I want to tell you the why, and if we all put a little more effort in our hair routine we will notice a HUGE difference in our hair.

  1. Regular Trims (KEEP READING). When I was growing up getting a relaxer every six weeks was accompanied by getting my ends trimmed as well. Having the knowledge and education that I have now I would suggest ANYONE to get a trim at least every 8 weeks (2 months). The more often you cut your ends the less you'll have to cut off at ONE time (every 6 months, or once a year). African American women have also been influenced to trim as needed (which is true), but it is needed more than one time a year. As hair grows every month it is impossible to retain the length when the ends of the hair are knotted, brittle and split.

  2. Hair Consultation. I encourage this 110%, because I've always invested in my hair and it started when I was a child. My mom MADE sure to take me to someone who cared about hair health. Now as a stylist and trichologist my goal is to educate people on how to take care of their hair and share education and recommendations on how to resolve hair and scalp issues. Scheduling an appointment to get your hair and scalp evaluated is so important. During this consultation you can get a magnified view of your actual scalp and hair shaft and the trichologist will be able to walk you through any concerns that he/she may see and give you a full recommendations of a personalized custom regimen to start, products, noninvasive, non surgical procedures/treatments to assist in getting your hair and scalp back to a healthy state.

  3. Clean Your Scalp. Shampoo your hair on a regular basis. I recommend weekly, but bi-weekly will work as well. This recommendation is for those who have naturally curly, coliy and kinky hair. For those who have a looser curl, wave and straight hair the frequency will differ because the natural oils of scalp will fall down the hair shaft quickly resulting in oily hair. Hair can't survive if the scalp isn't clean.

  4. Low Manipulation-Low Tension Styles. Listen, just because hair is in a "protective style"or underneath a wig does not mean it is helping your hair to grow. MOST times people's hair texture (the thickness of the strands and density isn't strong enough to withstand extensions etc). Again, MOST people wouldn't know this because they haven't had a hair consultation or go to a stylist regularly to be educated about it. So invest in yourself and become educated on styles that are healthiest for your hair!

-Your favorite Trichologist, Lindse`

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