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Hair Growth - 5 Tips to Retaining Length

Lets talk about ways to help you retain the length that you have. Its important to remember your hair is always growing, the key is retaining the length.

  1. Create a routine. You need a solid routine that your hair agrees with. This is one of the keys to retaining your length. Our minds, and bodies are like "schedules" we actually thrive with a schedule or routine. Your hair is no different. Your hair looks forward to being clean, breathing and receiving moisture. It's like when we as humans get relief after a hot day with a drink of water. Start small, but be consistent! Every Sunday shampoo, condition and style your hair (start with something small that makes sense to your life style) **side note its important to make sure your scalp & hair is clean.

  2. Moisturize. Without constant moisture for curly-coils-kinky-wiry hair it WILL BREAK. It might seem like a task to moisturize your your hair every day or every other day, but it is imperative for length retention. Think of a flower without water that has been exposed to wind, heat, rain and cold weather, that flower is going to be dry, crunchy and shriveled and its going to break. Curly to wiry hair is the same way. Our hair strands have layers and our job is to make sure that very top layer is secure and laid down, once that top layer is lifted it is more prone to breaking off. Even if you have a protective style, invest in a good moisturizer for daily use whether it is a creamed based product or a spray.

  3. Low Manipulation Styles. I always like to say, curly hair (any hair type) is strong but so weak at the same time. You may have to lay off the "tight" or "popular" hairstyles for a while. The less tension to the hair the better. Loose ponytails, mini twist/braids (with your hair, not extensions), twist outs/braidouts, hair braided under wigs etc. Some hair types can change styles every week, while other hair types can not. The fragility of hair depends on the density, type, genetics and the health of the hair. Do a 30 Day challenge of 1-2 hair styles that are low manipulation and WATCH how you'll retain length with less shedding. (Disclaimer this may not apply to those that have health issues, or hair loss/shaft disorder).

  4. Hair Consultation. Sometimes going to a stylist every two weeks isn't feasible for some people, however finding a stylist who specializes in "hair health" can make all the difference in your hair journey. Specific products for YOUR HAIR TYPE can be recommended, treatments, regimen/routine can be given and educating one on the basics of haircare is essential to a healthy hair journey. Knowing things like; foods to incorporate in your diet, how high to set your flat iron, the correct way to shampoo your hair, a product that may contain an ingredient that is drying your hair out and giving you an allergic reaction is KEY to helping you understand your hair better and achieving your ultimate hair goals. Email me if you're interested: LINDSEMARYHC@GMAIL.COM

  5. Understanding Hereditary Factors. This is short and simple. Think back as far or early as you can and take note of the women and men in your family (on both sides, if you can) and think about their hair & health struggles they've had that you can remember. (Write this down, to share in your consultation)

So, I honestly don't mind sharing information so others can be educated and informed about matters that affect them. Thats why I enjoy educating about hair so much, its deeper than what we see and think (on a surface level). Although Im not in the shop any longer I take home appointments and I educate daily, I do in-person and virtual consultations and I keep in contact to make sure things are going well with the recommendations I give, or if they are not and what can be changed. Longer hair and healthier is NOT OUT OF REACH, you just have to be informed. And, remember, it is individualized to your health(physically) and your lifestyle.

I could have hair to my waist, but that's because on one side of my family it has been achieved. I also know HOW to take care of my hair in order to get results. The flipside is, are we willing to do the work???/ I haven't always been willing or consistent, which is why I stay in limbo with my hair length. So alot of it is on me, I don't mind admitting.... see where I am now:

P.S. I've really been wanting to cut it "short short" for a while now this was taken October 28, 2023......

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