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What's a woman to do with so much creativity? From a small child to an adult "creative" has been my middle name. Also known to many as the "Jane of all trades", for the last 13 years I've worked and continue to work on being the master of all things "communications". My name is Lindse`, the designer and communication professional behind LM Consulting & Design.


I find great joy in helping business owners, organizations, companies and non-profits start, tweak or revamp their communication efforts. Not only do I provide a specific service, I also become a resource of guidance along the way. 

Having worked in education, healthcare, government and the private sector I bring a wealth of knowledge to be able to provide tailored strategies, ideas and design. One size does not fit all. 

From conceptualization to execution, I strive to ensure that every aspect of your brand reflects your vision, values, and goals. Looking forward to collaborating with you soon!

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