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Lindse` M. Owens

I was on my couch one day and I became overwhelmed and extremely thankful for the amount  of GRACE (in every area of my life) that God has given me throughout the years. This platform encompasses everything that I’ve been graced with, talents, gifts, knowledge and the list goes on. Providing a space where anyone (but especially women) can go to receive encouragement, resources and inspiration is the ultimate goal. 


I’ve evolved over the years and started a few businesses, revamped them and now I’m here where everything that I do, offer and love can be found in one space. 


July 2020, LM Haircare was officially born. LM Haircare provides, products, consultations master classes, trainings and one-on-one sessions on haircare, scalp care, hair disorders and hair loss. I grew up with a love for hair and I enjoy teaching others about TRUE  hair health. I am a licensed natural hair stylist and certified trichologist. 


I also enjoy collaborating one on one with business owners, organizations, non-profits and companies to assist with creation of brand identity. That means designing logos, marketing material, campaign designs, assisting with event creation/management and photography services.


So here at A Corner of Grace expect a little piece of my corner of the world and prayerfully I can help or make a difference in your world. 

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